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Receive movie

Want to see what movies your friends are watching? On the feed page you’ll be able to view the movies your friends have shared and read their comments or reviews. You can “like” and comment on their posts. You can also save a movie so you’ll remember to watch it later!


Search for movie reviews

Curious to hear about other people’s thoughts on a movie? Search for movie reviews and read your friends’ thoughts—or see what other public users have to say.

Share a movie

Post movie

Did you just watch an amazing movie? Want to tell your friends about it? Post a movie recommendation, which will appear on your followers’ feed pages. You can input the title, and if you want, you can add a description of the movie or a comment about why you enjoyed it. You also have the option of adding an image. Your image could be the movie poster, or maybe a photo of you and your friends outside of the theater where you watched the movie!

Ask for a recommendation

Ask for movie

Know you want to watch a movie, but don’t know what to watch? Ask your friends for a movie recommendation. Explain what you’re looking for and then wait for your friends to come to the rescue and suggest the perfect movie!


Get the latest notifications
about your engagement

One of the best parts about sharing a movie with your friends is the conversation that follows. On the notification page, you'll receive notifications of comments on your posts and can see which of your friends liked your content.

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View all your posts and
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Your profile page is where you'll be able to view all of your past posts and posts you've saved.

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Refer to the movie recommendations of people you admire

Users’ profile pages store all of the movie posts they've made since joining Movgul. If you like a specific person’s taste in movies, looking through their account can be a great way of finding new movies that you’ll probably enjoy!